What are my obligations as owner of real property in the Philippines?

The following are your obligations as owner of real property in the Philippines:

  1. Pay the annual Real Property Tax (RPT) and Special Education Fund Tax (SEFT) on the property;
  2. Comply with the Building Code on its requirements of height, setback, materials specifications etc;
  3. Observe the Subdivision Regulations in case of subdivision projects such as requirements of open space, development specifications and completion;
  4. Comply with the Zoning regulations of a particular area such as restricting the use of a particular area for residential purpose and prohibiting its use for commercial or industrial use;
  5. Comply with the requirements of the Philippine laws on Eminent Domain, Escheat, Easement of Right of Way, taxation and other applicable laws on real estate;
  6. In case of condominium, unit owners are obliged to:
    • Pay RPT and SEFT on his unit
    • Share in RPT and SEFT on common area and land
    • Get insurance on the unit
    • Share in the payment of insurance premiun on the common areas
    • Comply with use restriction
    • Pay condominium and association dues and assessments.

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