What will be my rights as owner of a condominium unit and other real property once I marry my fiance?

Your rights to the real property which you own and plan to bring into the marital partnership depend on the property relations which you and your future husband will agree on. The property relations which you and your future husband will choose will govern all the rights, responsibilities and obligations to all the property whether real or personal properties that you and your spouse will bring into the partnership. Under the Family Code of the Philippines which took effect on August 4, 1988, the couple, before the celebration of marriage, may choose and enter into a marriage settlement that they want, such as:

  1. Separation of Property
  2. Absolute Community of Property
  3. Conjugal Partnership of Gains
  4. Any other regime such as Dowry or others

However, if you and your spouse celebrated marriage without executing any marriage settlement then the system of Absolute Community of Property shall govern.

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